VW Multivan 6.1 comfortline


Our fleet consists exclusively of the new VW Multivan model.

230V socket, swivel seats, table on rails, ...

Kitchen kit


The kitchen kit is equipped with an integrated double gas stove (with 4 gas cylinders). The module is completely removable, allowing you to cook wherever you want.

Water kit


The water kit consists of a sink and a tap which also acts as an outdoor shower.

(12L x 2)





The van is equipped with a folding bed and a foldable mattress, an electric fridge box and plenty of storage.



Camping equipment


All our vehicles are supplied with the appropriate camping equipment.

A folding table and chairs, with their optimized storage spaces.

Cooking tools


Each vehicle is supplied with all the essential utensils for cooking and enjoying a good meal.


Délais de livraison

Roof rack


All our vehicles are supplied with a roof rack to make it the most flexible according to your needs.

It can also be used as a "terrace" for even more fun.


Délais de livraison


The design of the roof rack gives access to a multitude of accessories such as additional storage or an additional water reserve for maximum autonomy.

Also bring your sports equipment such as your surfboards.

Roof tent


A roof tent can be added to maximize comfort or to increase sleeping capacity.



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